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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Knitting Like Crazy

I have been knitting like crazy in the past two months, and have made five scarves (three for Christmas gifts), two purses awaiting felting, and finished a sweater that I had started three years ago. I started on one earflap hat today for a gift and have another to make as well before Christmas. Then, it's back to finishing up WIPs (works-in-progress).

WIP List:

Denim Jacket Cardigan for Glenn.. partly done and stored in the cedar chest.

Teapot Sweater.. light moss green cotton with intarsia design of a teapot on the back, but I can't locate it. I started this about ten years ago and the sleeves are done as well as part of the front. I hope it turns up in one storage location.

Knit Patchwork Vest .. this was a design from Knitters' Magazine that I started about eight years ago. Made the plain back and one of the fronts. I will probably finish this one eventually, but kind of dread the thought of doing the embroidery embellishments.

Chenille Pillow.. started three years ago, but my decorating scheme for our bedroom changed this summer when we finally finished it. I am looking around for a nice tank/shell pattern to channel my effort into something I can wear, because it is one of my favorite colors, a garnet-red.

Silver Mohair Jacket .. this is a sad case; all I need to do is complete the button band and finish seaming up. I just hate finishing. I plan to get back to this after Christmas.

I also have yarn set aside to make the shrug in Knitting Goddess, but decided that it would really look better if I got black for the main color, as it was originally designed. I think I will use the pale blue I have for it in a capelet that I can wear with one of my "Widders' Ball" vintage costumes, and just ordered the black yarn tonight. I would also like to make a bolero from Crystal Palaces' new "Trio" yarn; found that pattern last week while surfing for an earflap hat pattern. Of course, I ended up having to modify the pattern for the yarns I wanted to use; story of my life. Good thing I learned about pattern drafting early on in my knitting life.

The Downieville Fire Fighter bear is wearing a neckwarmer scarf made from Chinchilla for my mother-in-law, Diana. Posted by Hello

Three of the scarves I have made this fall. The one on the far left is a pattern I found on the knitty.com website Posted by Hello


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