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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Crafting Together

I spent a nice afternoon at my friend Cheryl's, where I worked on finishing up my knitted presents, while the others made beaded snowflake ornaments. It was a very peaceful way to get ready for Christmas.

Cheryl and Jasmin are making beaded snowflake ornaments while I finish up my gift hats. I also made a bead garland for my miniature "feather" tree. Posted by Hello

Rana models the pink hat, almost finished... too bad the light is so poor in my office! Posted by Hello

The two earflap hats are almost finished... Rana modeled the pink hat for me last night so that I could see how the fit was turning out. I prefer to make hats from the bottom to the top for just this reason. The Sirdar Snowflake hat is a little too soft-bodied, so I am finishing it with a row of single crochet in Bernat Galaxy (which is what the stripes are), then adding I-cord in Galaxy.


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