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Saturday, March 25, 2006

On The Road Again...

We spent yesterday working our way over to Santa Rosa, and mostly poked around the mission at Sonoma and General Vallego's house, both California State Parks. I will have pictures for you when I return home.

Guess what? It's spring over here in the flatlands! There's still snow hanging around in odd corners at my place so this is a real treat. Trees are in bloom, everything is my favorite color, green, and there are daffodils and other spring flowers everywhere you look.

I spent the evening knitting on my DH's vest, and dreaming of making faster progress on my Mountain Peaks shawl. It has been slow going, as I just can't get the quiet moments I need for her this week. I did make two washcloths to send off as a gift, and one of a pair of cranberry red fingerless mitts, to send off to CIC while attending training on Thursday (what was I thinking? I didn't bring enough yarn to start on the second one AND had to bend a paper clip to make into a stitch holder for the thumb stitches - how unprepared can a knitter get?).

I also have Mountain Stream waiting in the wings to be cast on, and have to admit to some traitorous feelings towards the shawl when I see how fast other KAL members are progressing on the scarf... maybe I should do her first? Then, there's the big pile of yarns waiting to become a ruana, and a surprise package that came in the mail as we were leaving town - my long-lost Christmas gift of a Bohus sweater kit from Kimmet Croft fibers. I don't know what happened to the communication here, as we had tried re-contacting them a few times to see if the yarn had ever gotten back in stock, and had given up.

Faithful readers will recall that my DH ordered this kit for me back in early December, then decided around Valentine's Day that the ungifted holidays were mounting up terribly against him, the package hadn't arrived, and so we had gone shopping for a lovely knitting chair for me! He did have a moment where he thought maybe the whole incident was knitter's treachery, but then remembered it is his email that we had used to write back and forth about this order.... well, now I will be looking for shops this weekend to buy the needed, much smaller, needles to swatch the Wild Apple cardigan.

I hope that spring is springing where you are, and that you have the change to enjoy it a bit! We are off to Fort Bragg to meet up with Grandpa Jim and surprise him.


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