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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Beautiful Mountain Colors

One of the tasks I did get to this afternoon was winding up my seven ounce skein of Mountain Colors wool/alpaca. The color is called Rosehip, and the texture is very smooth and soft. I had felt a bit too extravagent when I decided to buy this hand-painted yarn, as it is at least a third more expensive to get a hand-painted yarn than a manufacture-dyed one. However, as the thread slipped through my hands while I was winding what turned out to be a ball too large for most cats, I kept admiring the variations of color and the deep, peaceful beauty they conveyed. I realized that I would feel that admiration and peace all through working up the shawl, and long after, every time I wore it. It will be the earthy foundation to which the glitzy, brighter yarns will be added, and serve as an anchor to the entire piece.

I was very grateful to the two women who created Mountain Colors, for their dedication to producing beauty for fiber artists to work with... why make something if it isn't beautiful? If you haven't seen their yarns, check out their site and find a source near you. And thank them!


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