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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Better Pals

The Better The Pal You Know winterfest got our assignments last Monday, and since I can't tell you what I have learned about my new giftee so far, as then (s)he would know too, I decided to give you a brief tour of all of them!

There's 28 of us in total: Amy is a wool grrl, who has a professional pottery business and also spins (glad to hear I'm not the only sweet tooth trying to give up sugar once and for all.. .let's stick together)
Ande lives with rescued greyhounds, bless her heart, and she just finishing making Lacey, the shrug I have been drooling over this winter, but haven't gotten round to yet.
Anne has bunnies! therefore, she spins, or was it the other way around?
Beth has a darling son and has made socks, mini-sweaters and ruffled scarves lately.
Cara is a New Years baby, so she is hosting a month-long contest extravaganza on her blog, with cool prizes for answering questions all about her.
Carole loves the same chocolate cake recipe as me and was one of the mamas for Knit Unto Others last month, along with Margene.
Cate just bought a loom and had her two very cute kids model her charity hats on her blog last week. She's also trying to destash...
Dana is from Chicago and is swamped in holiday gift knitting. Maybe her Better Pal could send over a few elves...
Dave (yup, there's a guy among us) spins as well as knits and is looking for a pattern proofreader.
Emma was familiar to me as the mother of Oliver, a delightful boy that many knitters helped her get more mobile earlier this year... I think she must be the furthest away, in the U.K.
Gaile lives up in northern Washington and writes a very entertaining blog.
Jan quilts and collects amazing molas besides knitting.
Kim lives in Idaho, where her 12 year old son just broke some fingers skateboarding, and she just spun up some awesome hot pink and orange yarn for mittens.
Liz has a blog named the Dalai Mama and loves the color "lipstick"; she is a witty knitter with a three year old.
Lori is some kind of superhero - she just finished a Flower Basket shawl AND reupholstered her couch.
Margene is already a dear friend and got me into this whole thing in the first place; I am really glad she ISN'T my Better Pal, because it would be next to impossible to keep it a secret....although great fun to get her gifts.
Nicole is an excellent seamstress as well, and made a very cute set of beer cozies for her sis' 21st birthday (why didn't I get a big sis this time around?).
Norma is near-famous in the blog world as she is both a prolific and a witty knitter - it's always worth dropping by.
Patti is from the Seattle area and wants to visit Prague - shall I send you my husband's pictures... my brother-in-law lived there three years, but I had to work and didn't get to go on the family visit last year (am I sniveling enough yet?).
Rebecca has a purple blog, but that's all I can tell you about her, because her blog won't load for me - maybe it's the turtle speed that things run in these backwaters...
Risa is on the EZAsPi list with me (actually, I bet she was there first) and just won a prize in the Shetland Lace Workshop contest; go by and congratulate her. She is also the mother of twins and deserves our adulation for getting ANY knitting done at all.
Sandy's mama was just diagnosed with unterine cancer, so please keep them in your prayers, meditations or whatever it is you do.
Shannita's blog sent me over to the Anticraft... you will have to find out for yourself.
Shetha made some fabulous accessories over Thanksgiving, but is suffering her way through some tangly yarn right now... I feel your pain, grrl.
Suzy just took a spin on the Polar Express! I am totally envious. She is also busy making socks.
Teresa is also a prolific sock knitter (are you seeing a theme here, or is it just me?) and the proud mama of a rockin', singin' 18 year old daughter. Go take some notes, so we can all say we knew her when...
Terri is away on vacation, and dreaming of knitting a cashmere twinset... and is glam enough to pull it off. Check out the pix of her at a gala party last week on her blog.

It was tough getting through the entire list, and now I better go and learn more about my own, personal Pal (who actually has several things in common with me!). I wish I had the time to visit all of you lovely people every day, but I'd have to give up knitting....

And in closing ... a little something extra about me:

Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!


Blogger margene said...

Well there we have one more thing in common...I came up Arty, too.
What a great list of BP participants. I haven't made it around to everyone on the list but you made it a must. Thanks for joining us this time around. I know you'll have fun.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Carole said...

What a great summation of Better Pal. I'm happy to be part of this group!

7:10 PM  

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