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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Respite from Rain

The weather has been gruesome most of the past month, but we had a break today, partly cloudy with only showers (when I lived in Oregon, this was what we called a beautiful day), so we went to town to get the oil changed on the Jeep and pick up groceries (and salt blocks for the donkeys, as theirs' have melted with all the rain). We also made a stop at the local Ben Franklin to get some fabric for a project of DH's and I found this:

Normally, I would figure that the patterns wouldn't suit my interests, but thumbing through I decided I wanted to make this, even though I don't have a dog (I could get one, right?):

and this:

The tea cosy will be a gift, but has to stay a secret, so this will be the only time I mention it until next fall, unless I decide I have to whip one up for myself as well. I love the curliques on top.

This is a great feature that I wish other magazines would adopt! I know that the photo is absolutely terrible, as my camera both picked up the glare from the flash, and focused on the numbers instead of the photos... but the idea of being able to turn to the last page of one of my knitting magazines and see all the patterns in one place, with the page numbers, really works for my visually oriented and forgetful mind! I would sure have an easier time re-locating that pattern I saved for later.

This was not my intended purchase; I was wandering the aisles in the yarn section, trying to locate some acceptable pink cotton yarn for my Warming Grace square. Vicki posted information about this project the other day; Grace is Cynthia's five year old niece, who is fighting leukemia, and Cynthia's idea is to get enough 5-inch squares of either cotton or soft wool, to make a pink blankie for her to take with her to the chemo sessions she is facing. This was a cause I had to embrace right away, as my own little brother died of leukemia back in 1962, before modern medicine had developed a chance at survival. Take a look and see if you want to join in.


Blogger Cynthia said...

Hey Birdsong, Thank you for your generous offer re Grace! Can you email me so I can email you my snail mail address? cynicked@sympatico.ca
Thanks so much!
BTW, are you going to get the exact same dog? LOL

3:05 AM  
Blogger margene said...

I knit two squares last night. It felt good to do something for someone else and the squares were so tiny and sweet. We will get snow today and it is much colder than yesterday. I hope we get a little sun soon.

5:14 AM  
Blogger glenna <> said...

birdsong, I think you will like this magazine. I have subscribed since the premier issue and It is great. There are great patterns in every one and the nice thing is they have a webpage and keep up with any pattern corrections that pop up. It also has wonderful ideas for quickie gifts like the ones you picked out. Have a great day.

5:28 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

I had to chuckle at the Ben Fraklin referrence, as I live in a tiny town and it has a ben too! Only Red Heart, but a little cotton yarn. My neices (all 6 of them) call it the Diamond Store, a mispronounciation of Dime Store, cracks me up! That sounds like a blanket with lots of love...

5:39 PM  

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