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Friday, January 21, 2005

And what about those Works In Progress?

My two main WIPs are coming along briskly, except that I came to a stopping point on the Red Stole when I ran out of GGH Relax. This is the coral-red fluffy stuff that is providing some distinction in the rows (they call it "raspberry", which are running width-wise instead of the usual narrow rows. I emailed Meadowfarm to see if they have any left, and they are holding a skein for me... can't go get it today because it is Ani Ann's birthday party (Eliane Bolle Campbell, daughter of my friend Robin, who runs the Good Years' Childrens and Families Center along with my daughter Nikki). So, I guess I won't be wearing it to the wedding I am attending tomorrow evening. Sigh...

The other fast-moving project is the teal shrug I am working up in Horstia Mogador... I have only 4 inches on the back left and then the second sleeve will follow rapidly as it is a steady process of decreases. I like this all-in-one-piece project!


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