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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Gifts and Revelations

I was able to work a shorter day yesterday, and still do a lot of catching up, since so few other people were working... on my way home, my ususal stop at the post office yielded a wonderful gift for me to open early!

My dear Better Pal, Betsy Ross, sent this beautiful handpainted yarn from a local (to her) farm. I appreciate her being sensible to how important supporting local endeavors is to me, and I just LOVE the beautiful array of colors... I will have to open out the skein and hang it where I can look at it frequently in the next few days in order to decide what to make of it!

She also made this darling little sweater ornament, to add to my collection on my feather tree... from leftover sock yarn. I sure would love to see those socks!

I spent the next few hours busy cooking, and was able to offer up a killer Cal-Mex dinner to my chicks returning to the nest for the holidays. I have promised Carole that my recipe for Chicken Mole will appear in the next few days, once holiday hubbub settles.

I also spent a bit of time looking at the photos my young ones have collected on their My Spaces... if you haven't discovered My Space yet, take a look, as the teens and 20-somethings have found it to be the easier way to blog.... I joined so that I can put up pictures for them, but I will stick with a knitting blog. I thought it was funny that we could track down their cousins and old school friends so easily this way.

I discovered that my children have actually taken to the outdoors as much as I do, that they are funny people (not really a surprise) and that I still really hate horror movies (I went into another room rather than hang out while my DH watched one last night).

I also confirmed that family is the most important thing to oldest son and only daughter, something they must have picked up from me while I was too busy raising them to notice... my DH tried to convince them that their presence here with us was really far more important than their bringing us presents, but the impoverished college students still felt self-conscious that they couldn't contribute much this year, as they have in past years, since giving back to those who have given to you all year long is also a passed-along trait.

Tradition and keeping in touch with old friends is just as important to them as to me, so they went off to Downieville for awhile this afternoon to visit the friends and their parents who hosted them in their homes during the high school years when living in the remoter part of the school district led to becoming other peoples' additional children, as they stayed over for school activities. They have always returned the hospitality shown by going round for holiday visits. This is also why My Space is so popular with them; they have been able to keep up with a few dozen former classmates. Growing up in a small town has made all of those young people treasure their past connections, even while moving out into the big, big world.

Some of my readers have asked for "all donkeys, all of the time", so for those I offer up a Christmas-appropriate photo of our last "babe in a manger", Assteroid, just one day old, when he was born here in May, 2004:

Merry Christmas Eve to all... and to all a good night!


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