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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Winter Tales

The Long Moon

Those of you fortunate enough to be out in the evening or early morning, have probably already noticed that the full moon tonight (well, actually, tomorrow AM) is especially larger and brighter than most months. The cause is scientific, having to do with the angle between moon and earth at mid-winter, but the results are fantastic, ethereal, and deeply reassuring at a time when light is so scarce. The hours of moonlight dominate the 24-hour day this month, with approxiamately 15-17 hours of moonlight, depending on how far north you are here in the U.S., compared with 9 to 7 hours of sunlight (and considerably less up in Alaska); an amazing thought.

Gift of a Dream

I have always been a sleeper aware of the stages of the moon, so this particular moon had a powerful affect on my dreams last night, including bringing me a knitting dream. The couple who lives up the (dirt) road from our childrens center appeared in my dream, with the wife nursing the husband at home (he passed away five days ago, and services were held at our local cemetery on Monday afternoon, while I was waiting my turn to be questioned for jury duty). She knitted a spiral like the one featured on the cover of The Knitting Way, and he tenderly wrapped it around her shoulders. Bill was a very kind and friendly neighbor, and we are saddened for Anne to have to go on without him.

A Finished Object

While sitting through jury questioning Monday, I finished the last of the three strips of this very soft, very pretty pale lavender boucle (probably rayon-polyester blend). Braiding together was quick and easy and this is a very wearable scarf, lightweight, non-itchy and cozy. Good thing, as the mornings have been quite frosty, and hoar frost coated the trees forty feet up to their tips at the top of Yuba Pass as I crossed over this morning AND early afternoon.


Blogger Carole said...

What a comforting dream. Just beautiful.

4:12 AM  
Blogger margene said...

Your dreams are connected to the moon? That is incredible and sounds lucky to me. And what a lovely dream of your friends.
I'm a moon watcher and around here we call this full moon the 'Night of the longest moon'. That's what the native people of this area called it and we like to use the same monikers. It was so beautiful and large in the early evening. It came up right at dusk and was there to greet us as we left the house this morning early, too. Thanks for blogging about it.

8:01 AM  

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