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Monday, December 19, 2005

Product Review: Cestari


Yarn name: Cestari
Weight: DK
Manufacture: Chester Farms
Size: Worsted: 290 yds/4 oz per skein
Bulky: 125 yds/4 oz skein
Fibers: 75% cotton; 25 % wool
MSRP: $7.99 per skein

I have hesitated to review a yarn that you, dear reader, might not ever be able to find, not wanting to discourage a fellow knitter. However, I stumbled across the one skein of this yarn I purchased at Black Sheep Gathering last summer, fully intending to use it to make a little purse, just as I was finishing up my lacy scarf, and decided that the color and texture would be wonderful to show off in another version of the Fiber Trends pattern (actually, these scarves are more like little, drapey shawlettes than scarves, and hug the neck wonderfully this time of year).

This is the tip of my triple eyelet garter stitch scarf in Cestari.

Cestari is a DK weight yarn that combines the best qualities of both wool and cotton. There is the crisp texture of cotton married to the warmth of wool, and the "scrunch in and snuggle" factor of cotton, enhanced by the way that wool takes the heathered dye. All of the colors in this line are very soft, almost faded away, and have names such as burgundy heather (shown above), mint, lilac heather, and raspberry.

The yarn is made by Chester Farms, a family operation (Cestari is the ancestral version of their family name) which also offers sheepskin items and animal toys through their website. It is important to connect with the producers of all of the items we choose to consume, and I was very pleased with how much their website told of the family farm heritage involved in producing this yarn. Chester Farm also offers several other unique combinations, including a yak/cestari wool blend, and a mohair/cotton/cestari wool blend. You can even purchase lamb from them. They are located in Churchville, Virginia, and their yarns are available in 137 yarn shops across the country, so they may not be as hard to track down these days as in the pre-Internet knitting vacuum. I will be keeping them in mind when planning one of my next sweaters!

Check back tomorrow to find out who won the chenille pillow kit; I haven't drawn a name yet as there is still 20 minutes to go. Good luck to all who entered!


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