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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Product Review: Chinchilla


Yarn name: Chinchilla
Weight: Heavy worsted
Manufacture: Berroco
Size: Worsted: 77 yds/50 gm (1.75 oz) ball
Fibers: 100% rayon
MSRP: $7.00 per skein

First of all, even though this is the second Berroco Product Review in a row, I am not getting a cut from them. Actually, since I have collected vintage knitting pattern books over the years, I am well aware that Berroco is one of the U.S.'s oldest fashion yarn firms, and Vintage Knits is a great place to see some of those old patterns, as well as to get the yardage equivalents for the Berroco yarns no longer in existence.

That said, this yarn first caught my attention in the Patternworks catalog a few years back, as they would send you a free Chemocare cap pattern with every order, if you requested it. What a great idea! When I met Chinchilla in person, I could understand why it would be a favored choice for these caps, as it is so very gentle.

This yarn is entirely rayon, which means it is a natural fiber, along with wool, cotton and silk. Of course, there is more processing involved in making cellulose from rayon than handspinning some wool in the grease, but there certainly is a special place for this yarn, particularly for those with allergies to wool, or skin sensitivities such as those undergoing chemotherapy and losing their hair. Although it is classified as a heavy worsted weight yarn, it will not be a very stiff sweater or scarf, because of the crushability of the chenille, and it is not overly "furry" like some of the eyelash types.

This is a little keyhole scarf I made last year from Chinchilla, very soothing and non-irritating around the neck.


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