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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Product Review: Cuzco


Yarn name: Cuzco
Weight: Super Bulky/Polar
Manufacture: Peruvian Collection
Size: 43 yds/50 gm ball
Fibers: 100% alpaca
MSRP $4.60 a ball through Elann

I can't believe that I am actually writing a Product Review for a yarn that I don't have a finished object to show, but I did knit with this yarn this weekend and absolutely loved it. It has a curly, boucle texture, but without the usual boucle "wirey" feel. It is so soft and lush that I kept thinking of smooth, creamy things to eat, like ice cream, or cheesecake, or cream pies, when imagining how I would describe it to you. It is very light and fluffy, almost the opposite of most polar weight yarns, which tend to produce dense, weighty fabrics. This would make up into a very quick sweater, shrug or shawl that would be a joy to wear. I experimented with the yarn I bought last fall, thinking to make a specific hat pattern, and discovered that the yarn would work well for large-needle openwork, garter, or stockinette, or even ribbing, but not for the cables I wanted to use... they got lost in the texture of the yarn. Right now, Elann does not have very much of this yarn in stock, but they have offered it continuously for the past six-eight months, so it is worth checking and grabbing some next time they have it in a color you like.

My parting gift to you is the following mountain sunset...

Sunset near Donner Pass


Blogger margene said...

Beautiful! I love the sun on the peaks.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous evagorman said...

Beautiful yarn.The colors reminds me of ice cream sherbet! It seems like it would make a great sweater for a little girl.

The photo of Donnor Pass is stunning! I can't wait to get up to Tahoe or even anywhere in the Sierra Nevadas to take a peak myself.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Janine said...

Thank you--I NEEDED some mountains this morning!

9:15 AM  

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