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Monday, January 09, 2006

Product Review: Sensuale


Yarn name: Sensuale
Weight: Heavy worsted
Manufacture: Sullivans
Size: approx. 80 yds (label does not list)/50 gm ball
Fibers: 40% polyamide/60% acrylic
MSRP $10.00 for three balls at my local Ben Franklin store

I don't normally review a yarn when I cannot find a source for purchasing it online, however, this yarn was so perfect for the project that I wanted to make, and such a treat to work with that I had to include it. I was browsing through my local Ben Franklin last week, looking for yarn to make a teddy bear for our grandbaby, Mia, who turns one in a few days. My requirements were that it be extremely soft, and that it be hand washable. The color also had to be "beary" perfect for a teddy! While my pattern called for a different heavy worsted yarn, this one jumped out at me; it was fluffy like feathers, but also thick and substantial. It knitted up very easily, sliding through my fingers, but not off the needles, and had the right density to hold up to stuffing the bear shown below.

However, it would also make a lovely scarf of any simple design, or a chemocap, or, possibly a stole or "fake mink" cape in similar colors.

This bear is about 12 inches high, so quite substantial in a child's arms, yet so soft, warm and cuddly. The colorway is "very beary", with variations like those seen in real bears. The pattern is available on the Berroco website, and was designed for their Chinchilla yarn, however I liked Sensuale better for the color match. This bear works up very quickly, so would be great for a last-minute gift (bet someone is wishing I would have put this post up a month ago).


Blogger KnitNana said...

OHhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love bear! Just love bear!!! What a great job you did...He's huggable!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Tactless Wonder said...

Awesome bear. I've been thinking about making something for my nephew (he just turned one) but wasn't sure what to use as he's into sticking EVERYTHING that goes into his hands, into his mouth, still. (There's a really good picture where he discovered his ear, and yes, was trying to tug it toward his mouth...that boy....). How's this yarn, um, taste? :)

9:26 AM  

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