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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Desert Island yarns

Margene had a post this morning about choosing yarns to take with you to a desert island, and I couldn't stop spinning this around in my mind all day. I realized that I don't try very hard to keep up with the most current yarn brands, and would have a hard time narrowing down further than general categories into very specific brand/types, so thought instead about all the things I would need to make for myself on a desert island as well as the ones I want to make in the future. I actually thrive on a balance between fantasy and practicality, and even enjoyed thinking about making such items to beautify every day life on a desert isle as seating, floor covering, utensils, etc. Would it be possible to knit everything I needed? I thought about other materials besides the luxury yarns (just couldn't stop myself, I guess) and ruled out copper wire, but thought there might be a place for recycled colorful and pliant telephone wire and computer networking cabling... I am sure I went way off on a tangent from the original intention devised by her friend Julia, but it kept me entertained through about two hours of driving! Thanks, Margene and Julia.


Blogger margene said...

Glad we could entertain you for the long drive. It is fun to think about what we would REALLY need.

9:02 AM  

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