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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Charity Knitting and Free Shipping

Today is the last day to take advantage of JoAnn's latest free shipping offer... I placed an order yesterday so that I can get started on a shawl as a part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. The way this charity knitting project works is that you make a shawl for a person you know or a stranger that is ill or in crisis, putting in healing intentions and prayers as you knit(depending upon your spiritual view of the world). There are church groups working together and also individuals making items on their own and sending them to other organized craft charities.

The shawl ministry website lists some possible recipients for your work and the best charity crafting website I have found, Bev's Country Cottage, also has a comprehensive directory of charity knitting groups. Many shawls for the ministry program are made with Lion Brand's Homespun, as it is very soft, hypo-allergenic, has a wide range of hues, and is washable. Their website is currently offering a "prayer shawl kit" with yarn and
the book Knitting Into the Mystery, by Susan S. Izard and Susan S. Jorgensen, but this kit does not directly benefit the group, so I would recommend going to the source so that their project benefits from your money.

I ordered enough in their Antique color scheme to make a shawl for a friend recovering from a serious illness. I also have a pocket shawl ready to send off, and will write up the pattern I created for it and post it here soon. I like the idea of pockets to keep a hanky, candy, whatever stashed away while you read in your chair, and came up with this pattern after seeing a polarfleece version in the Vermont Country Store catalog two years ago.

The other charity project I added to my WIP list today is the Red Scarf Project, started by LisaMiller of Charlotte, NC to raise money for Chinese orphans. She has asked knitters to make a scarf, predominantly red, to be sold as part of her fund-raising and humanitarian efforts to help Chinese orphans... she and her husband will be adopting a Chinese orphan child later this year, but in June she will be going to China to pitch in first-hand, helping with preschool learning activities. I was very moved by her story, and hope you will be too, and quickly knit up a red scarf. As a start, check out this lovely Opera Scarf at Blue Sky Alpacas!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the prayer shawl idea. I am so completely swamped right now that I couldn't do it anytime soon. This is definitely on my list of things to do though. Can't wait to see your shawls.

8:31 AM  
Blogger margene said...

Thank you for stopping by and giving me the link to the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I have added it to my sidebar. Lisa (Red Scarf Project) received my scarf and was thrilled. It was the first to arrived (surprisingly).

10:15 AM  

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