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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunny weekend and a new truck

I haven't gotten much knitting done this weekend; there were too many other things to attend to... we got in with our burros and enjoyed the sun yesterday, brushing them and staking the three trained ones out to munch on the thin winter grass.

I also attended the wedding of my friend Vilina's daughter, Ingrid, to Jeremy. It was a formal evening wedding with a sit-down dinner and was very lovely. The vows reflected the equality I expect in a marriage, and I will have to get them from Vilina in case I am called upon to officiate at a wedding again (I did marry a couple in their wedding at the Forest City Dance Hall about six years ago, when their minister couldn't make the date they had set). It was quite unexpected to see that the favorite red she had chosen for her bridesmaids was the deep red of roses and the same color that dominates my Red Shawl. I was a little sorry that it wasn't finished to wear, but I had worn a blouse of the same shade so I fit right in with the decor!

I also picked up the needed skein of Relax, and knitted some on the shawl when I got home. I also started on the drop stitch scarf made with Eros, while having a coffee and waiting between the time the yarn store closed and the wedding commenced... the ribbon yarn is a bit slippery, and once again I find myself knitting English instead of Continental to help keep the stitches on the needle. I took two size 10 double-points and put tip protectors on them to make a pair of short scarf needles, but am so accustomed to using circulars for everything that I still find it a little awkward. I knitted on that scarf a bit while we were waiting and negotiating at the car dealer's this morning, and can see that it will go very quickly, even if it is only the project waiting in the car for those away-from-home knitting opportunities.

We spent the entire day gone, dealing with the car-switch we had been working towards. Here is a photo of our new car which we picked

up in Chico today... getting rid of the Honda Civic and being able to pull the burro trailer and haul hay! Jesse went along with us and drove the Jeep back home, and is excited that he now gets to purchase the Honda from us, and start driving it... though a little sad to need to give up his old, less-reliable Honda.


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