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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November Knitting

What are you planning to knit for November? Seeing that "1" on the calendar offers so much promise... a whole new month, in which I will accomplish fabulous things! I have three hats (or maybe five) to make, one for a baby whose shower on Sunday I will not be able to attend, so all I really have to do is beat his arrival, right? Isn't that how it works? The other two are for DD and DS, same easy pattern. No sweat, I oughta be able to knock those out in a few random hours. The last two are a really cool pattern for cold-weather hats with cotton inner bands, mimicking the polar fleece-lined hats commonly sold at the ski resorts around here - course it isn't snowing yet, so I might just save those heavier ones for December.

Now, to the shop knitting... I have two alpaca scarves, one in burnt orange and one in celery green, and three pairs of booties (blue, burnt orange and celery green angora) that I should be completing ASAP and getting in there for holiday shoppers to snatch up.

Have I mentioned my own heart's desires yet? Is there any month left still? First, I am in love with the, Lacey shrug in the current issue of Knitty, and actually discovered that I have a lovely violet mohair blend I could use for this... I also really want to make something for myself with the beautiful birthday yarn I received from Margene:

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I still haven't been able to make up my mind what to do with this scrumptious handspun alpaca (in my favorite color combination), as I want to use every last inch... possibly a lace shawlette, although I did get the "Versatile Scarves" pattern from Fiber Trends, which is a very wearable design, that I would make use of all winter and into the early spring (and I could use my new, favorite ebony needles to make it - big plus). I also noticed recently that I haven't been wearing flip flops... it's too cold in my big, airy 19th century house, and time to finish up that last sole for my felted clogs and throw them in the washer, then on my feet!

Weighing all of this knitting out, I have decided that instead of the usual reversion to Standard Time that we all put up with every year at the end of October, I am hereby decreeing the instituting of the 27-hour day, with the extra three being reserved strictly for knitting... all of you who don't knit will have my permission to use the extra time for sleeping... the world will just have to order business around my new proposal and make the best of it!! Don't you agree? Welcome to November and the new, 27-hour day with plenty of time for knitting all your favorite designs.


Blogger KnitNana said...

Oh what gorgeous birthday yarn...love love love the colors! And I like your 3 extra hours idea even if I won't be using the Continental method to knit with (yuck - hurt my hands too much which is not an option these days). I like your ideas for yourself! You MUST spend me-time knitting for yourself!

11:48 AM  

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