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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poor Little Hurt Books

Beryl, the list mom, newsletter editor and web guru for our Foothill Fibers Guild, sent around a notice the other day, informing us about Interweave Press' annual Hurt Book Sale, so promptly at 10 AM yesterday morning, I brought up their site and thought to adopt one or two "hurt" books, keeping them from languishing somewhere in a warehouse, and saving myself at least 50%. Lucky for me, I was busy trying to bring up data for a report I am writing, so could switch between one painfully slow-loading screen and another. Even with a T1 line, it took me an hour to wade through their very slow-moving site (there must have been a lot of fiber junkies looking for a cheap fix yesterday), and process my purchase of three books.

It was probably worth the suffering, though, as there are only 45 books left tonight, as I list this link for you... you can still get several beading titles, Dogs in Knits, Hip to Crochet and several others.

What did I order? I fell for A Dyer's Garden, dreaming of planting some herbs for natural dyeing, something I have dabbled in over the years. I was passionate about dyeing yarn a few decades ago, after taking a natural dyeing class that led to a Navajo weaving class, where I employed some of my own handspun, hand-dyed yarns in a sample weaving on a loom that my girlfriend and I built, our first exercize in carpentry. How empowering!

I also ordered Felted Knits, on the promise of being able to learn to finetune my felting processes to more accurately get the size I was hoping for, and to learn to add needlefelted embellishments to my felt projects... those of you who are regular readers will recall that my more rebellious side is deeply in love with the idea of deliberately throwing something made from wool into hot, agitating water in order to turn it into something different.

Not wanting to be gluttonous, and also getting totally fed up with how long it took the Interweave site to move from sale page to sale page (there were originally 15 pages with at least ten titles apiece), I only ordered one more book, Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann. This sounds like the sort of title that makes Interweave Press such a wonderful resource for fiber artists; the stories and designs of an obscure but master lace knitter... should make for happy winter reading.


Blogger margene said...

They are all great books. What a good way to buy them, too!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous evagorman said...

What wonderful books! Too bad I spent the only extra $25.00 I had on garden books our local used bookstore just last night. I did see a couple others, through, on the website that look interesting. Maybe I can squeeze another $10 out of our coffers for them.

My DH and son bought me "Felted Knits" and the projects in the book look glorious. Haven't tried them yet but a co-worker of mine has made several bags from the book and said it's a wonderful resource.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Teresa C said...

I wondered what books I missed! I would have snatched up that Lacy Knits book in a hearbeat! When I logged in there were 11 pages of books available. I hope I get into it earlier next year. Great haul.

3:07 PM  

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