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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oak Woodland Sky

This Saturday's sky, posted on Sunday, was taken on the way to Chico yesterday morning to help DD and DES move to Grass Valley. I will be happier to have them closer, but have loved the part of the drive that takes me through oak woodlands that still relatively undeveloped.

I tried for "Big Valley Sky", as there are views of the foothills heading down into the Sacramento Valley, but the air quality is trash right now, with heat, smog and high ozone levels all working against me. Then, in the late afternoon, huge cumulus clouds were building in the Sierras to the east of Chico, but I deemed it unwise to try to take a photo while traveling somewhere between 50 and 65 mph, carrying a load on the truck, and in the middle of our three-car caravan... sorry, there is only so much I will do for all of you!

Today is being spent on catching up at home, on laundry, spinning practice, reading, lounging... I let them borrow the truck for the last load.

Some of you might have noticed that Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair button at the top... turns out that a tiny bit of fortune smiled upon me last week, allowing me the luxury of signing up for the Advanced Spindling class being offered there on Sunday, September 3rd, along with Margene and Susan (and Kristi?). I sent in my registration and bought my plane ticket, and now I am madly practicing so that I will be at least intermediate-level (I am taking the class as part of my strategy to become advanced, you see). Let me know if you will be there... I will not be taking a Saturday class, but will be tagging along with Margene and Susan, who are taking a dye class that day, shopping, practicing my spinning, taking photos of animals, and all the other great fair activities, and want to plan a blogger meet-up, if possible!

Amy, Sharon and I are all going to meet at the Nevada County Fair this coming Friday - they are the bloggers closest to me, besides Sara; I am always amazed when I read about some of you who get to hang out with your blogging buddies frequently in real time as well! Amy has been working on a marathon job of painting her new Ashford Kiwi wheel in designs based on traditional Mexican folk art, go take a look - it is simply incredible!


Blogger Carrie K said...

The picture that you did get looks great! The air quality really shifts around.

If you're not an Advanced Spinner now, you will be soon! Have fun at the festival!

3:22 PM  
Blogger lucette said...

I love your Saturday sky pictures. They make me long for the west.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

You can always hang out with Laurie and Katherine on Saturday. They'll have a booth.

8:12 AM  

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