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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

That Danged Music Meme

So, Jae tagged me with the music meme going around like a bad cold, but what the heck! I love music and listen to a wide variety, but my strongest leanings are towards bluegrass, so you will see that in my answers below.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:
None; well, actually my husband has a bunch on the home computer, but I flit from machine to machine throughout the day at the two schools where I teach, and don't want to spend my free time downloading at home.

2. The last CD you bought was:
Alison Krauss and Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways

3. What is the song that you last listened to before reading this:
Dixie Chicks -White Trash Wedding

4. What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you:
Landslide - I prefer the Dixie Chicks' version to Stevie Nicks'; like the imagery and am at a time in my life where I have re-examined my choices a few times and re-written the script

Picture - Sheryl Crow and

Sis Draper - Ricky Skaggs; I love old-timey instrumentals, including this one, but Ricky Skaggs put in the traditional lyrics as well, adding a whole new dimension. I can listen to this song over and over.

Doesn't Have to Be This Way - Alison Krauss; her voice is so awesome and unique and the song reminds me of a dear friend

Lowlands - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; nostalgia

5. What 3 people would you pass this baton on to and why?
I cheated and gave this as an assignment to my high school students working on building their own blogs - tired of hearing "I don't know what to write about". I also tagged my son, Cody, since he hasn't posted lately.


Blogger Cody said...

Busted out by Mom for not blogging enough. I thought I moved out of the house years ago, well, not to worry Mom, I'll post in addition to your music survey. I am VERY glad that you decided to step outside your realm and try to expand your snowboarding skills, regardless of what it finally took to get you to that point. It is hard for all of us to do something beyond our comfort level, and I think that is what distinguishes the more dynamic people in our society.

2:57 PM  

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