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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Weekend Knitting

It was a terrific sunny day in which I got to stay home, but also had chores, laundry and tax prep to tend to...so what's my weekend knitting? I worked a little bit on the two red scarves (yes, I started a second one, on larger needles in a simple eyelet pattern, as I was finding I was messing up too much on the hearts when I was knitting during a meeting and wanted an easier pattern to carry around). Both are more than half finished and I work on the one that suits the surroundings best at the time. Hoping to send them both off next week.

Some people have pictures of their dogs on their blogs, others of their cats... here are some photos of my five burros, who all enjoyed a rare February day of sunshine, warm temperatures and even some green (though weak) grass. I love sharing my life with these animals, who are smart, who think things through and learn from their choices, and who are affectionate and funny. I can't knit anything for them, but I am an outdoor person, outside every day in every kind of weather, and they are boon companions. We hike with them, and will take a pack trip with Rose and Rita in late spring. Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of them.

Asteroid with his mama, April, standing behind him Posted by Hello

This is Louise, who is 26 years old, grazing next to the bird bath.
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Rose in front, with Rita in back, grazing in the inner yard - a special treat on what usually would be a wintry day here.
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