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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Update on Works in Progress

Things have been pretty chaotic, but Cody is recovering nicely and I have kept on working on small projects... here's a list of my WIPs:

Purple Purse: This is an order from my dear fellow Libra/best friend Suzi. I finished the actual purse last night, but Cody was sleeping in our guest room/office/studio and I couldn't get to a second set of needles to do the double bind-off. I am making the handle and then we throw it in the washer!

Denim Felt Clogs: this is the pair for me; one and a half feet done. By that I mean I have one shoe finished and the other one half-done. I would like to finish it tonight as well, so that I can wash it at the same time as the purse.

Irish Hiking Scarf: This was my solace while waiting through Cody's surgery. I am loving this pattern, as it goes along very quickly and keeps me interested. I am also loving this crunchy/soft wool-rayon boucle. I will have to do some net surfing to see what is being made these days that compares to this vintage 1950s yarn. It has a very nice sheen to it and great drape for a scarf. I will post a picture as soon as I figure out where I misplaced the camera while getting the room ready for Cody.

Deep Red Prayer Shawl: This is the one that is languishing, as it is too large to carry around, and I haven't found the time to cut the fringe off the last remaining skein. This is my Knit Red KAL, and I sure don't have much to report to my fellow KAL participants.

Waiting in the wings are a tank top for my daughter, a tank for me (different patterns), a hat for Cody and a pair of felt clogs for my DH, Glenn. On order are yarns for two purses ordered by another friend, and red yarn for Red Hat Society felted purses to sell at Mountain Harvest (we have a little table just to help these lovely ladies spread some of their money around Downieville). I am thinking about building a website for our crafts coop once things settle down to a roar around here.


Blogger KnitNana said...

Under the circumstances, Birdsong, that prayer shawl can wait...the KRKAL won't mind. Hope Cody continues to recover!! ((hugs))

6:57 AM  

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