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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Shawl Ready to Gift

Here is my finished prayer shawl in Homespun yarn to give to a friend and member of our quilt guild. I think I will modify this pattern in the future to make the shawl narrower, although it is a very lush and comforting wraparound. Posted by Hello

Gifting is the hardest part of this whole project. I keep thinking about how private this person is, and how little her friends and acquaintances have seen of her or her husband while he has been undergoing chemo. I know that they are trying to conserve their energies for the battle. I also sense that up until now, she has been a person who loves to give, but doesn't necessarily find it easy to receive. I want to be able to find a simple way to hand over her gift with the thought that her friends are thinking of her often and wishing and hoping and praying for a positive outcome for them. I keep waiting for magic words to come to me, but they don't. I have a little card ready, and a few simple lines to write, and want her to have the benefit of the smile that comes with an unexpected gift as soon as possible. I am hoping that what I decide is the right moment will be one that meets her needs as well.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I think that is awesome and I think that she will love it.

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