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Monday, April 04, 2005

Rose Prayer shawl and a list of WIPs

Whoo, hoo! I finished the knitting on the rose prayer shawl I have been making for my friend Peggy yesterday and just need to add fringe to each end. This one is made from Lion Brand Homespun, which will make for ravelly fringe, so I am planning to tie the fringes in groups that can gradually form tassels. It is very soft and lovely.

I also started on the felt clogs for my husband, only to learn while looking at the label that the oxford grey color for the soles actually was a different blend than the speckled grey and white for the body. Now, how did three people looking at yarn with felting in mind, reading the labels to calculate yardage, miss this?! I sent an inquiry off to the woolen mill about getting the proper yarn, and moved on to start my own pair, which are in Lamb's Pride blue denim. They progress rapidly.

I have decided that April will be the month to tackle several small felting projects and get some items into the Downieville Crafts coop for sale.


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