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Friday, March 18, 2005

Yesterday was a blur worth forgetting and today just as chaotic, so I am staying up late trying to salvage something good out of the "non-work" portion of the day. Won't go into the bureaucratic snarls and pit fights of teaching right now, having vented to a few good friends, my eldest and my husband, and realized it wasn't helping and I was still righteously indignant, with no solutions on the horizon.

The one bright spot was that I got to wear my new bolero today... my youngest, the smart-aleck nineteen year old, asked this morning "What happened Mom? Did your hands get tired so you only made half of a sweater?!" My fashionista daughter of the ripe old age of 21 chided him about his lack of knowledge regarding womens' clothing and complimented me. The downside was it was cloudy and cold all day, bad picture-taking weather, and I hardly sat still in order to get a picture (actually, one of my yearbook students got a photo of me working at a computer with another student and I didn't even think to upload it. Sigh....). I worked through some of my frustrations this evening by completing my cute little shoulder purse to match. Except I'm not that pleased with the way the bottom corners sewed up. But I do like the size and the double I-cord strap that sets it just at my favorite length to wear on my shoulder.

I put both items in my pile of stuff to pack this weekend to take to Anaheim. Yes, we are finally on our way to Teenwork Sunday afternoon, traveling over to Reno to spend the night and fly out early Monday AM, returning Friday. The powerpoint presentation is burned to CD, I have lots of notes, and the youth got their practice in... I have faith in them that they will overcome any stage fright and rise to the occasion on Wednesday at their designated time, and wow their audience. It will probably end up being one of my best contributions this school year.

I dug out a suitcase, and thought about how it was too small, and I still needed to wash some clothes, and if I put the yarn in for the prayer shawl I intend to finish while down there, I better plan to take one less sweatshirt, and decided the whole mess could wait till tomorrow, when I would pack everything already clean. Besides, hadn't I better check the weather once more? I can't tell if I am procrastinating, or just trying to wait for the stars to shift to a more auspicious position than the one that has been messing things up the past few days.

The Downieville fire victims are getting assistance, and plenty of neighbors were out this afternoon wrapping Lynn and Charlie's house in plastic and large sheets of building wrap, as a winter storm watch is in effect. I sure hope they will get to repair their house. Aaron says he plans to rebuild the Inn. For more on the fire, check out today's issue of The Union, the Nevada City daily paper. I am still shellshocked every time I look at the damage.


Blogger Cody said...

Fear not, oh mother of my heart, things will work out. I have faith that if you need to change jobs and/or scenery, something will present itself. You are an awesome person that has tons of skills and caring friends that will help you find your next lot in life. I will see you guys tommorrow. Lots of love.

5:12 PM  

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