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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Update on WIPs

Since yesterday was the first of March, I had to admit to myself that my February sweater DID NOT make it under the wire... not even giving myself grace for it only being a 28-day month. That sweater was the Trio bolero, which actually is coming along quite nicely. I just bound off the second front at the shoulders, so now the entire body is completed and I only need to knit up two three-quarter length sleeves, but I will need another week before I can add it to my list of finished projects.

In reviewing the month, I found that I was distracted several times by little projects, and I suspect that will be the case again this month. Saw my friend Suzi this afternoon, who was thrilled to hear that I had purchased yarn for her purse, and my student, Kayla, who is going to Teenwork (see previous post) with me in two weeks, reminded me that I promised to make her one of the earflap hats. My other main project, the striped baby blanket, is about three-fourths of the way done tonight, and will probably manage to be finished up this week. The Eros scarf, on the other hand, is progressing slowly, mainly because I save it to work on at meetings at school, or other times when I have to have a small, traveling project.

My main projects this month will be my version of Clapotis, and a prayer shawl in deep red Homespun for a friend who is recovering from a lengthy illness. I would also like to tackle those felted clogs. Spring is beckoning too, as you could tell from yesterday's post... I may have to sneak in a spring tank or cardi. I am mulling over which of these projects to take with me later this month, when we spend most of a week down in Los Angeles at the youth conference... there's the problem of taking knitting needles on the plane, so I will probably save the prayer shawl, done on my Denise circulars, which will be packed into checked luggage, since it is a short hop from Reno, and not worth having someone decide to take them from me.


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