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Thursday, February 24, 2005

My First Order

Yesterday, my friend Suzi saw my purple felted purse and wanted me to make one "just like it" for her. I will have to run by my LYS and see if I can still get the color in Cascade 220, a heathered purple, that she says exactly matches a sweater she brought back from the Andes. My first order of yarn from Elann for purses to sell arrived, so I guess I'm on my way. The plus to this small home business is that the idea has come from outside, in "the market", through requests, rather than yet another one of my wacky ideas that the world wasn't ready for yet.

Last year, I was making braided belts out of the Make Your Own Tack book, but not finding any interest in them, even among my animal-people friends. I donated a few to charity events, but while doing my tax prep spreadsheet last week, realized that I didn't make a dime with this project. Sigh. I just love the feel of mohair, so am still looking forward to weaving a few mohair saddle cinches, but not expecting to achieve fame or fortune through that endeavor. Probably won't with the purses, either, but at least I feel more appreciated already.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Good Luck :) I hope you sell bunches!

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