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Friday, February 18, 2005

Knit for Her Cure

I just finished the knitting on my Knit for Her Cure project, and now need to add the fringes later this weekend. The yarns are GGH Travertino, a mostly wool blend from Italy that is chunky and very soft, paired with Muench Touch Me, a ribbon to be added to the fringe. They were paired in colors I wouldn't normally select or wear, which is another aspect of charity knitting that I like; I am doing this not for myself but as a vessel for something other than myself. The results are often revealing and stretch my own world view.

I wanted to share some information about this very nice and very worthy project that I stumbled upon when I visited a new LYS last week (Fibers in Grass Valley).

From the instruction brochure included in my scarf kit:

"Knit For Her Cure has partnered with Muench Yarns & Buttons to form a new initiative. The objective of this partnership is to serve as a catalyst and rallying point for encouraging knitters to join in the fight against women's cancers. The Program is a multifaceted promotional effort that gives those with a passion for knitting and a heart for helping an opportunity to lift the spirits of women in their community who are coping with cancer. This initiative also strives to inspire hope by contributing a portion of every kit's proceeds to women's cancer research".

Breast cancer research is one of the initiatives closest to my heart; my mother and both of her sisters all were breast cancer survivors and died of other causes, but one of their cousins died at the tender age of 38 from the disease. My others cousins and I are all very vigilant to attempt to protect our health. I have also watched two very dear colleagues fight breast cancer in the past few years. One survived her treatment while the other did not and passed on last September. I was heartbroken. I don't know if or when there will be a cure, but I have found it heartening to see so much effort mobilized for a cure in recent years. There is a certain measure of commercialization that has come with this, but I make sure I am buying something I would have purchased anyway, such as socks that donate $1 to breast cancer research vs. ones that don't. In this case, I buy yarn pretty regularly and was able to quickly create a donation to add to the effort.

I like the narrow, lengthwise-knit scarf, and will package it up in the cute little plastic zip case that came with the kit and return the finished product to my LYS for them to distribute as they see fit.


Blogger Cody said...

Mama this is awesome, once again you are inspiring me to try to become more involved with the things that I feel passionate about. If there is anything or any websites that you know of that would allow me to help, please let me know. I love you.

9:51 AM  

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