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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday Knitting Scramble

We spent the day yesterday going to Sacramento and attending my step-son Rex's graduation from the Wildland Fire Academy (this is only one step in over 4000 hours of training, but the major academic work is behind him).

Rex waits in line to enter the auditorium for his graduation ceremony; note the bowling shoes Posted by Hello
We got home after dark and hung around relaxing; I finished the second slipper
 Posted by Hello(here's my feet shining in the morning sun),
and then decided to put in a few rows on Mia's baby blanket. I went to bed in a dazed funk; can you find the mistake?

 Posted by Hello
As I have been doing the double knitting, the rows have gone along swimmingly, but failed to connect with the border on the contrast color side! How could I have missed such a major problem?! The double knitting is also tighter than the garter stitch border, causing it to pucker. I went back over the instructions, and found that the one place in this project where you WANT to be twisting the two yarns together is where the CC meets the border.

So, facing the prospect of frogging, I have decided two things: 1) I am going to finish up a pretty, colorful baby jacket I put aside awhile back, because I hate working with straight needles in small sizes (size 1) and was too cheap to buy a size 1 circular ("Next time I'll pick a different yarn so I can use a larger needle", I had told myself), and 2) I am going to re-do the baby blanket in stripes of the two colors for a softer effect.

The lace stitch in the baby jacket is called "Gull", and is an easy 4 row repeat. The pattern is one of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swanson's from an old issue of Vogue Knitting Posted by Hello

My two contributions for the Red Scarf Project are ready to send off! Posted by Hello


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