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Friday, February 18, 2005

Knitting in Class

Nikki and I have been attending an Early Childhood class at the local community college every Thursday night, titled "Supervision of Programs for Young Children" and bringing knitting to work on while I listen to the instructor, discussions and several guest speakers. This class is a summary of the various pieces of running an early childhood education program, and I haven't met much new knowledge from the meetings or the text yet, but will be able to list it in my course roster (I hold a high school credential and a Child Development Site Supervisor permit, and Nikki has completed her AA in Child Development as well as qualified for a Child Development Master Teacher permit).

In my younger days, I worried about offending instructors by knitting during classes, and that is probably one reason I have a habit of sitting in the back! This instructor has been intrigued as I worked my way through a hat, one of my Red Scarf Projects, and now the striped baby blanket. We all bring our dinners and eat them during the first half hour, and we were a bit early this week, unpacking food and drink and me my knitting, when she asked "What are you working on this time?" Nikki had to brag about my felted purse and show it off to those already at class, and the instructor asked if I make them to sell... since this is the third request in as many days, I said "Yes, I'm going to put some in the craft cooperative in Downieville this summer", and actually ordered the first batch of yarn from Elann yesterday. Does this mean I'm in business?


Anonymous Colleen said...

I think that it does. That is very exciting news!

12:11 PM  

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