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Monday, March 07, 2005

California Knit Bloggers

As you can see, I am in the process of putting up a button for California Knit Bloggers, a ring whose two main requirements is that you maintain a knitting blog and live in California. I wanted to thank the owner, Jen for doing such a great job describing how to install buttons to your blog, since this is an area where my learning curve hasn't peaked yet. In fact, my technical abilities have been pretty gross lately, I even mistyped my own URL when submitting my application to Jen. Hope that the planets have moved off THAT spot!

I am closing in on finishing up the bolero; will be able to finish the second sleeve tonight and add the trim around the neckline and lapels (or is that too generous a term for the fronts of a skimpy bolero?). The striped baby blanket continues to shrink (as in decreases to the finishing point). I saw a version of the same blankie pattern that my friend Linda (also in Mountain Star Quilters with me) had made as a baby gift for Amy... she used Lion Homespun in light blue. Amy commented on how soft and useful this blankie has been... she can wrap both baby James and herself up in it while nursing, either lying down with him or sitting in a chair, providing them with some discretion and/or warmth as the situation dictates. It is soft, stretchy, and very warm for its light weight, and follows them everywhere.

That was a great testimonial about the value of a knitted gift, and reminded me that, while knitting is process for me, it is also product for the recipient and helped me to keep in mind thinking of their needs as well as my own. I slept on this concept, and while out walking early this morning, decided that my next Prayer Shawl would be for a quilt club member whose husband has just begun chemotherapy.


Blogger Cody said...

Nice job mama. Just figured that since you were talking about "the recipient" of all of your wonderful knitted gifts, that I could ask you to make a hat without earflaps that had a slightly tighter knit. It could even be something that needed to be stretched a little if the yarn would do that. Also, tell EVERYONE that you know to go to Boarding for Breast Cancer at Northstar the 19th. Love you.

5:35 PM  

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