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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hard work at Teenwork

We spent much of yesterday traveling from Reno to Anaheim (two flights) and getting checked in for Teenwork. Don and Kayla wait in line for our flight to Orange County Posted by Hello

Today has been a long day of workshops and presentations, but we feel ready to give ours tomorrow, and are having an energetic time. The highlight of the morning program for me was juggler, Chris Smith, a UCLA student who grew up in El Dorado county, and had participated in Teenwork during his high school years. This guy was funny, and his juggling was awesome (take it from me; we all tried to learn when my kids were growing up and only my stepson Rex made it to three balls, but Chris could keep five in the air at once!).

The weather just turned rainy this afternoon, but while I was walking this morning, I was amazed by all the things in bloom.... you SoCal knitters will laugh at me, but I had forgotten how lush and tropical it can be down here in the spring.

I haven't had a chance to see if I am in walking distance from a yarn shop. Did get to work on both my pink prayer shawl and my Echo scarf during interludes between flights and workshops. The laugh on me came early this morning, while I was struggling to find a pair of jeans in my suitcase without turning on the lights and disturbing my roomate. Groping around, I came upon the extra skein for my prayer shawl, and had to wonder if I had forgotten the jeans in lieu of making room for yarn!

Happy Spring all!


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Happy Spring!

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