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Monday, April 11, 2005

Peer Pressure

Yesterday, I enlisted two of my ACs (adult children) to help me find the yarn shops located in the Lake Tahoe area. They groaned, but Cody, who lives in Kings Beach, got out the phonebook. We headed for Tahoe City, where we checked out Three Dog Knits, located at 475 Tahoe Blvd. (the main highway). Cody is big on hats, and always trying to get to the head of the queue with me (I mean,really, I already made him TWO hats this winter, and there ARE other things I'm trying to get done). He is somewhat allergic to wool, but can pretty successfully tolerate it on his head, particularly if there is a band of polar-type fleece sewn in at the forehead. He went right for the most expensive choices possible: pure cashmere, baby alpaca in bulky weight, and a Lorna's Lace Shepherd Worsted in camoflauge (color number 708), which I decided to get to make him a cabled beanie (sometime before next winter, I promise).

Nikki has good taste too, and decided a similar hat in Anny Blatt's Super Angora in baby pink would be just perfect. I gulped at the cost. While she was browsing around the store, she came upon an Anny Blatt pattern book with a very cute summer top, and decided the hat could wait if she could talk me into making the top. It is a cap-sleeved, close-fitting top with eyelet detail and ribbon threaded through at empire waist level. Of course, the chosen yarn wasn't available! We decided to try Lana Grossa Point, a pretty light pink yarn in cotton/spandex, although I think it is the next weight up... sigh, I can already envision massive pattern-altering. Why do I let myself get talked into these things! I can see that this yarn will be more comfortable to wear, as it has a lot of give to it, and I am excited to get started with the design, which will go fairly quickly even with size 3 or 4 needles, depending on how it swatches up.

It was great fun listening to my kids talk yarn with the shop owner. She was admiring Cody's taste in fibers and remarked that they really knew their stuff. Cody answered that I had been knitting since he was very tiny; I had to interject that I had been knitting since I was five (funny how they can't comprehend fully that you had a life before they came along). Nikki also mentioned how they had all learned to knit as kids, and I described using the Waldorf methods to teach them knitting. The owner asked what they had made and Cody could recall a teddy bear, while Nikki claimed credit for mittens, which we later felted together (these are tucked safely away in her mama's cedar chest). It is a really great perk of middle age to have such wonderful ACs to hang out with.

We didn't make it to Jimmy Beans Wools, but they have a huge online shopping site. Their main shop is located in Truckee, at 10065 Donner Pass Road. There was a third shop listed in the phone book, Knitting Basket, with a Tahoe City phone number but no address and we didn't have any luck finding it either. Will have to save that for another visit.


Anonymous MommaBean said...

Birdsong, what a great time for me to find this post about shops in Lake Tahoe! We are going to visit family this summer, and now I know what I will be doing when I can escape the husband and critters. Thanks for reading my mind!

11:52 AM  

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