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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Update on WIPs

I have finished another Red Hat Society purse, just needing to sew up the bottom and throw in the washer to felt. I am ready to start on the order for a turquoise purse next. I am also planning to finish my second blue denim clog this week so that I can felt a few things at one time on Saturday.

I really love the Irish Hiking Scarf design, but have not had a chance to work on it much in the past week or so. Luckily, I have a meeting to attend this afternoon, where I will be able to add a few more inches to it... it stands at 33 inches of a 55 inch long project, so there is still a ways to go.

I haven't really gotten to any of the cool sale yarns I picked up last weekend, but that will come with time... I did get that really nice hat for my son completed. The weather has been unpredictable around here, so my daughter hasn't started clamoring for her top yet, but I do want to sit down and swatch it soon, so I will have an idea how many changes I am looking at to make my chosen yarn work.

I stopped in a Ben Franklin yesterday to pick up supplies for a few more pairs of fur-trimmed flip flops for the crafts coop store, and got a few of my high school computer students started on building a blog for the coop, so you will soon be able to find us online. The only other yarn I am allowed to purchase in the next few weeks is the rest of the wool I need to make my husband a pair of felted clogs.

No pictures today; it is grey and threatening to produce thundershowers this afternoon. There are wonderful blossoms everywhere as a result of all this wet weather, so I want to wish everyone a Happy Spring.


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Happy Spring to you too :)

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