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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I Wind Wool

Haunted by images of a difficult day
First, frightened child, crying through two stitches
Wanting grandma, standing outside the room, afraid of blood and tears.
So much fear and pain already in only three years
I tell the truth
No, he is not abandoned again,
and promise he will get through this,
My heart and his heart hurt together.

Then, racing to town for co-workers,
I drive past dead donkey
Same one from four days ago
Lying next to drive
Nobody has taken care of
Is it West Nile?

My heart hurts for this unloved animal
I dedicate my practice at yoga class
Promise the unloved animals crossing the Rainbow Bridge at this moment
Wait for me
I will honor the promise of domesticity
When I cross, join my herd.

Still, unsettled at home tonight
I remind myself this is my dharma
I was the one who asked for
A compassionate heart.
Can't pick up knitting
Too jittery for stitches
Haunted by images,
I wind wool.

Watching the jewel colors spin on the swift
Colors blur with images
Swirl in bright abandon
I wind wool
It helps.

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This poem came out of a day of unexpected events and course-changes yesterday, that left me exhausted and troubled. I pulled out these beautiful skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Angora, and wound and wound... it wasn't enough, so I wound the Cascade Yarns "fun" that I got Thursday as well, all six skeins... still not enough, so I wound up the eight ounces of alpaca I bought at Black Sheep Gathering to make a Clapotis... the ball winder got jammed and I had to divide the skein into two balls, thinking "its ok, I know how to splice, even though I hate to splice, I know how, its ok". I was finally tired enough, though still sad.

Today was a better day. I started on a pair of baby booties with the dark red angora (all three colors are destined to become booties to sell in the crafts coop). We held a work day at the child care center, and had some measure of success towards repainting the schoolhouse. The little boy with the stitches is doing fine, and I loved and brushed my animals, and thanked the goddess for the many gifts living with animals has given me. We all do what we can.

NB: About the swift.... this is a tabletop model made by Dragonfly Turnings out of wild cherry. It assembles with simple pegs, turns smoothly and has little rubber feet on each end to better grip the table. It was also about half the price of most other swifts. Check out their website for more details. I was hypnotized.


Anonymous margene said...

You captured your feelings so well in the poem and they came across to me. Love the swift. What a great 'less is more' contraption.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Ah, yes. Some days I wish I hadn't read the paper, or watched the news, or driven down the road, because I have trouble getting rid of the images too.Sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so sensitive. But, when working with others, it is an immense plus.
I'm glad you posted a photo of that yarn swift. I have often seen them on ebay, and thought they looked like they would work just fine.

6:58 AM  
Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Very touching poem Birdsong. I can completely relate to your experiences that day.

10:17 AM  

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