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Monday, July 18, 2005

Mid-July Progress Report

Here it is, the middle of July, and the middle of a heat wave, the type we usually see in August or early September. The temperatures in Downieville and environs have been in the mid-90s and don't show a dip to the more reasonable mid-80s till next week! Out in the toasty Sacramento Valley to the west of us, the range has been between 104 and 107, making it seem cool here in comparison (hah, NOT!)

We spent a big part of the afternoon at our long-time favorite swimming hole down on Oregon Creek, near our high country cabin (this is our "first home", having lived there for thirteen years before purchasing our "main house", fifteen miles further west and 1500 feet lower in elevation - way too hot this time of the year).

First, we had to clean up debris from last winter, then add rocks at the downstream end to raise the water level up a bit. Most of this activity was done in the shade, while standing in mountain spring water, making it all tolerable. Must have lowered our core body temperatures, as we felt a lot cooler for at least an hour after leaving the creek.

I had intended to truly start Nikki's summer top, but left my bag of tools at home, and couldn't accurately measure my gauge swatch. I also couldn't think straight enough to know how to make any changes if needed because my gauge worked out differently. So, I pretty much finished up my last special order, the handles and most of the body of the cranberry felted bag. This order is for Mary, who is also getting a turquoise bag. I had wanted to do the felting over the weekend, since the Forest City house is my felting home base, but couldn't find a tapestry needle to sew on the handles and button loop. I will have to felt next weekend, when we are back up in the high country. We are planning a bar-be-que with our neighbors at the swimming hole, expecting still more hot weather.

So, how am I really doing on that July "To-Do" list? I have managed to plow my way through almost all of the special orders, excepting final felting, and have my tank top with me (in Schulana Supercotton), which I haven't knitted on since my train trip at the end of June. I had not wanted to let my DD see me working on it until hers was done, but it is much better to take to the river, where I plan to spend this afternoon, since I am only working in the morning today and it is too hot to return home (air conditioned cars still have to contact the hot asphalt to drive down the highway; better to wait till evening to return home). It is hot pink (pictures soon, I promise) and half done.

I did cast on the pale pink top for Nikki, and at 11:00 PM last night was doing the first few rows, just to be able to say I had started it. I will have both finished by the end of July, so am right on target. I was amazed to discover last night that the different yarn than called for had knitted up to gauge! The LYS owner and I both had figured I would need to make adjustments. However, I am still going to drop down to the extra-small size, as my DD is young and slim, and this type of top should not have any ease, but actually stretch a little to fit.

I did have a little time to browse through some other blogs yesterday, and was happy to see that there are now a lot more people on the California Knit Blogs ring... check out my button to start surfing with us Cally grrls! I located another cool top, Lelah, that I want to make for my DD for her birthday at the end of August... we figure in our climate that there are two to three more months of tank-top weather to show off knit finery.

Try to stay cool, and knit small, light projects!


Blogger Lynette said...

How I wish we had a cool mountain retreat. To dip our feet into cold creek water. And knit under leafy shade.

3:38 PM  
Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

That Lelah top is really cute. It's on my to do list :)

8:18 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

Awwww, your comment just mae my day! Thank you so much!!! It's so nice to get encouragement and cheering up, I don't know what I'd do without it, probably stab myself in the eye with an aluminum needle! Thank you again!
PS I think it soooo COOOL that you are thinking of Lelah for your daughter, what a rad mom!!!!

8:32 AM  

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