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Monday, September 05, 2005

Product Review: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes


Yarn name: Wool of the Andes
Weight: Worsted weight
Size: 50 g. ball/110 yards
Fibers: 100% peruvian wool
Ben Franklin price per ball: $1.79 per ball

I picked WOTA to feature this week for several reasons. First, the point in starting this weekly yarn review feature was to share my experience with a yarn in hopes of helping someone else decide if it was a good choice for them. I have used this yarn on several felted items since I first discovered it last winter, and have been pleased with the results. The wool is soft, felts up quickly and densely when used double and Knitpicks now has a range of 36 different colors. I do think it might run a little, but then hot water might do that to any number of items.

The second reason is that winter is coming and this is one of the most affordable worsted weight yarns I have found. It is very comparable to Elann's peruvian wool, and slightly cheaper per skein, giving you an affordable option to whip up a winter sweater or make some Christmas gifts.

Also, I have been gathering together a few items to send to Margene and Susan for prizes for the Knitters' Disaster Relief Fund effort they have been mounting, and included four skeins of WOTA in Evergreen... one of the hazards of ordering yarn online is that you can't really tell the color accurately, and have to hope you guessed right. Well, I didn't with this particular color. I would suggest purchasing the yarn color card for $1.50 next time you order from Knitpicks, as this is a real workhorse of a yarn that you might find you want to use for a lot of different items. It is also possible to purchase WOTA in 220 yard, undyed hanks, so that you can create your own colors. How cool is that?! If you haven't ever done any dying, I recommend it highly - either with plant dyes, Kool-Aid, or even powdered commercial dyes.

This is one of the felted bags I have made using WOTA. Posted by Picasa

I don't normally edit posts once I publish them but didn't have access to photo tools over the holiday weekend and decided to add this photo Monday night.


Blogger Cathy said...

Hi -
Love the purse. What did you use to border the top of the purse? How did it do during the felting process?


3:55 AM  

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