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Monday, August 22, 2005

Product Review: Schulana Supercotton

As I promised, here is the first Monday product review!


Yarn name: Schulana Supercotton
Weight: Worsted
Manufacture:Schuler & Company, Italy (distributed in US by Skacel)
Size: 50 g. ball/90 meters/98 yards
Fibers: 70% cotton, 30% polyester-elastic
MSRP: $8.95 per ball

I found this yarn in a tank top kit at my LYS, Meadow Farm Yarn Studio this spring, and really loved working it up into a top. The fabric is dense and springy, and even though there are a multitude of individual strands, it DOES NOT split, something very important to me for ease of knitting. I liked it enough to grab a few other balls off of Meadow Farm's one-skein leftover sale table this summer. It has the right quality to use for a variety of items. I used some of my leftovers from the hot pink tank top to make a cute baby hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and will use it for more baby hats to put in the crafts shop, and for a non-itch hemmed inner band on beanies for winter (this is a pattern I found at Black Sheep Gathering, designed by Curraheen Farms, breeders of Icelandic sheep, but you could modify a favorite hat pattern: just start with the yarn you want to use for the inner band, knit two or three inches as desired, join using the hem technique, and then proceed with the yarn of choice for the hat - great for people with sensitive skin).

You can view the shades available at Yarndex, a really cool resource that gives info and shade charts for a huge number of yarns.

The downside: while as a fiber artist, I really like this yarn, I am aware that cotton in general takes a huge environmental toll, and the polyester probably isn't recycled. I suspect my love affair may be short-lived, if I can find a more earth-friendly yarn with the same qualities.

Here, my HH's antique Steiff teddy models the baby hat made from Supercotton. His teddy girlfriend is modern and pink, and over the years we have developed a ritual where the person who has to leave home for a few days will put the two teddies with the pillows on our bed, keeping each other company and helping the stay-at-home feel less lonely. Posted by Picasa


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OH how cute. I have been tagged...So now I have to find 6 people to tag as well. Your number 2. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Tag Questions are on my blog. Have a Goddess Blessed Evening!!

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how adorable!

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