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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tribute to the burro

The burro just doesn't get much respect in our culture, so I was pleased to find a nice little exhibit at the county museum in Tonopah, Nevada, honoring the burro's contributions to the mining boom era. This poem accompanied a painting by Paul Gregg, Post staff artist, dated 1947

Lest We Forget
by Gene Lindberg of the Denver Post Staff

Have we forgotten what he did?
He didn’t need a road.
On any trail a man could climb,
The jack could pack a load
Drill steel and dynamite and beans
Came up, and then his chore
Was plodding back downtrail again
With sacks of precious ore.
And his reward? Sometimes the cook,
If he hung ‘round the shack,
Would deal him out cold pancakes from
The bottom of the stack.
Have we forgotten what he did
To start this mining game?
He ought to be in clover or
At least the hall of fame!


Blogger Marcy said...

I'm delighted to find this poem on the web. Gene Lindberg was my grandfather, and not much of his work is still around. Thanks!

11:39 AM  

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