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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Psychology of Knitting or, Am I Going Nuts?

I started the day somewhat dazed and confused, partly because my hay fever is about at its worst so far this year. I was also discouraged because I had realized, rather late last night, that I had knitted all of the new Lambs Pride yarn I bought on Thursday into the travel bag while watching episodes of Deadwood on DVD in the dark with my husband, only to realize that I had accidentally gotten bulky instead of worsted... I had gone to bed rather than decide whether or not to rip it out.

I had to get hay from the feed store, so decided to do the grocery shopping for the upcoming week as well and took off rather early for a Saturday morning. I also swung by my local Ben Franklin to get the correct weight of Lambs Pride, this time selecting a rusty red color. On the drive in, I had come to the conclusion that I would abandon using red wool for my shawl and use a slinky white yarn I have instead, therefore I could go ahead and use this red yarn for the never-ending travel bag... I think I am becoming co-dependent with it, feeding its addiction to yarn at the sacrifice of other projects.

I also mulled over how I hadn't gotten to either of the tank tops I need to make (both pink, the light pink for my daughter and the darker pink for myself). I still had an order for two felted bags to fill this month, and a little scarf I had promised to make one of my students, who is moving away this summer. Did I tell you that school ends in a week? I began to wonder how possessed my mind had gotten by this bag... it is as if the project doesn't want to see itself completed, even when I remind it that there are plenty of other things clamoring to be done. I also need to expand the inventory I have in the crafts coop shop, as the summer is our busy season and the most likely time to sell items. I felt even more scattered!

Several years ago, my work mates and I participated in a conference where we did some testing to see what kinds of folks we worked alongside; I came up abstract-random. Now, that explains jumping from project to project, as well as having a collection of creative materials around me at all times, but I DO like to get things done! I am trying to whip this bag into shape, but it looks like the bag is currently winning.

While at the crafts store, I did relent and pick up a few sale items to turn into shop items:

This fluffy sale yarn (Skacel Peacock Multi) was matched up with flip flops to produce another pair of sandals; great summer colors. Posted by Hello

Looking down on an assortment of potential scarves; I will need to have some red and black ones in the shop by late August, when the ECV Widders show up to shop, and some red and purple ones for the Red Hat ladies... from left to right Red Heart Luster Sheen (to use as a base, and make a Potato Chip Scarf as seen in the summer Knitpicks catalog, Schulana Panda, a chenille, SRK Collection Ranee, a ribbon, and Skacel Hip-Hop, a cotton/nylon ribbon for a summer scarf  Posted by Hello

I couldn't resist, all of the yarns were 50% off; the buttons are for future felted purses.

The shopping therapy was only partially successful; I came home knowing there were still more chores and projects than time available. My main commitment today was supposed to be setting up my circular sock machine, and I needed to review Roxana Baechle's first video to make sure I did this correctly.

I started by clamping the machine with the 52 inch cylinder to a chair; I stored the large weight on the chair as well, to make sure I wouldn't tip everything over. The yarn carrier and crank are to the right in this picture. Posted by Hello

Several needles inserted; note needle on far left, inserted but not upright yet. Posted by Hello

All the needles are now in; yarn carrier at bottom left. Posted by Hello

I also wound a large center-pull ball of the lovely white wool I bought from Roxana when I ordered the machine, and threaded it through the yarn carrier... now, back to the video to figure out how to get started knitting! Posted by Hello

At least I have been able to rip back on my traveling bag, while watching the CSM video, and made a good start towards being able to start my machine cranking. My goal is to make a knitted tube before next weekend, when I am getting together with Randy and Trish for a lesson, and at least be able to tell them what I don't "get" yet. Wish me luck!


Blogger Cathy said...

Good luck with the sock machine.

I'm like you in the fact that I like my craft around me.(Literally)


9:20 PM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

You are one busy lady right now. I could feel the stress in your post - I hope it's a good stress and that you're enjoying all your projects.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

And on a completely different note, thanks for the great pictures and writing on the sock machine. Great documentation on an interesting topic.

1:28 PM  

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