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Friday, May 20, 2005

Progress on Felted Duffel Bag

These huge squares are the pockets for the felted duffel bag I have been working on. I decided to get the pockets, and next the handles, out of the way so that I can better assess dividing all my colors up for the body of the bag. I am about a third of the way through the body so far, and promise a photo update soon. Posted by Hello

I haven't gotten through my "homework" for my Needlecraft University triangular shawl yet this week, and the next class is tomorrow... nothing like the last minute, is there? This is the section in which the pattern of repeats, paired with increases to make the width grow, gets established. I read through the discussion board posts this afternoon, and discovered that many people were having trouble with the concept of adding new series of repeats every so many rows.

Usually, with this type of pattern, I can begin to "see" the knitting after the first repeat series is established, and don't need to read every step of the way... only once have I abandoned a project because I couldn't see it unfold. It was a basketweave Aran pattern, and I finally altered my plans, because I couldn't stand it that I had to check the directions for every single row, rather than seeing what came next. I am going to get off the computer and give my homework a good shot this evening... any minute now!

Thanks to those of you who expressed concern about the flood potential. Thankfully, the rain stopped yesterday evening and the sun even spent the entire day with us. The river has dropped several feet, but is still running high, swift and muddy. Bullards Bar Reservoir, further down the North Yuba, has been letting out water, and the water is gathering everywhere in the Sierras and heading downhill, so the American River in Sacramento has apparently risen seven feet in the last day or so. Unfortunately, it's often feast or famine in this climate, and of course the thermometer is predicted to hit 90 by Monday down in the Sacramento Valley. Warnings are out to discourage people from swimming in the rivers around the valley as the water is far too cold and swift.

Also, thanks to Margene, whose blog inspired me to add the Weather Pixie today.... isn't she cute in her summer duds. Can't wait to see what she puts on when it snows around here. Actually, I am really excited that it is going to be warm and sunny this weekend, and so are my animals. Maybe now it can dry out in their pasture, and I can get to fixing the fences.

Happy Trails!


Blogger margene said...

Weather Pixie is cute and fun to watch as her wardrobe changes. What until it gets rather warm around there, too. She'll start striping.
You're going to be my Weekly Zen when I can get into typepad...it seems to be down this morning.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I think that there will be a lot of problems this weekend! People never listen when they say to stay away from the water!

I am so glad it's sunny...out backyard is a swamp....it needs to dry out so we can mow!

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Penny said...

Your photos of the Spring Gardens are spectacular... Wow... What a beautiful place...
Ohhhhhhhhhh I could just picture myself sitting there with my knitting and enjoying the beauty of it... very Nice!!! :)

Your felted bag looks great... Will be waiting to see a picture of it after it is felted!!!

12:08 PM  

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