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Friday, September 16, 2005

Package from Elann

How exciting to find a small box with Elann's return address awaiting me last night in my post office's package locker (bless their hearts, they put keys to the package lockers in your mailbox so you don't have to come back and get the package).

I had ordered enough skeins of Highland Wool to make a felted cell phone pouch for my niece in Carmine Pink and New Leaf, and enough Aubergine to make a felted purse for my quilt club Secret Pal... how wonderful the colors looked together, although it was too dark to bother with a photo.

I also ordered something unusual... Den-M-Nit Pure Indigo cotton, guaranteed to fade just like blue jeans! I decided this would be fun to make up into washcloths for my sons, while I am in the cloth mode.

Cloths for Katrina has grown to 263 members by yesterday morning, and boxes of washcloths and soaps are starting to arrive at the contact peoples' homes, who are then driving to nearby shelters they have made arrangements with... this is all grassroots, volunteer effort, with no money changing hands at all. All the group participants have agreed to either cover their own shipping costs, or team up with someone who can, and many are getting soap donated, teaming up with a local soapmaker, or making it themselves to send along... it is awesome what people can do when they put their minds to it! I picked up ten more cloths, made by my dear friend and local Home Ec teacher, Peggy, out of leftovers, which she had turned into very appealing stripe combinations, and ten luscious bars of shea butter soap, donated by her employer, Susie, the owner of a local gift store/gallery here in Downieville called Two Rivers. If you are ever in the area, stop in.


Blogger margene said...

What a wonderful gift it will be for the homeless to wash with a yummy soap.
You'll be washing your hands all the time with the demin yarn. Something ironic about that;-)
Just don't touch your face while you knit.

1:52 PM  

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