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Monday, September 26, 2005

Product Review: Den-M-Nit


Yarn name: Den-M-Nit Pure Indigo Cotton
Weight: Worsted weight
Size: 50 gram ball/100 yards
Fibers: 100 %cotton
MSRP: $3.25 per ball

This is a fascinating product, just from the point of view of someone like me, who is interested in the history and development of textiles. According to the label band, it is made in the UK especially for Elann, and is "rope dyed: its dye coats only the surface of the yarn, ensuring that with wear and washing, the yarn's white core will be exposed, enhancing your garment with a genuine faded jeans look.

Indigo is one of the primary dye plants, from earliest times, and its dyeing process is unique, in that the color "blooms" as air hits the finished product when pulled from submersion in the dye vat (where it looks green, not blue!). One of the qualities of working with a rope dyed yarn is that the color comes off on your hands as you knit. Another thing to watch out for is that the finished object will shrink by 10-15% in the dryer after the first washing. I bought a few balls to make Cloths for Katrina, and plan to give the washcloths a good soaking in very hot water to bleed off any excess dye, then throw them in the dryer... if they shrink too much, they will have to become baby washcloths! Although classified as a worsted weight yarn, I found that it seems "stringy" in my hands as I knitted it, and the weave seemed loose, however, I can tell it will fluff out a bit as it is washed, worn, and aged.

I found a great site with lots of information about using indigo dyed yarns for you to get more information. Trying interesting new yarns like this one will keep knitting an adventure!

Have a great week, everyone.


Anonymous margene said...

Is your nose blue?

1:24 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

I am enjoying your yarn reviews and this one has been especially educational. I had no idea about rope-dyed yarn and why denim yarn is that way until now.

4:35 PM  

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