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Friday, September 16, 2005

How's that September Knitting Coming?

I don't know about the rest of you, but my September knitting got derailed by Katrina... I started in helping make Cloths for Katrina, and simply haven't gotten anything else done. I am going to have to force myself to switch gears tomorrow and show some progress. Here's what's on the menu for September:

1. Sew up and finish off tank tops... they are really, truly (almost) done, and just need some last work... but it is already half-way through the month. Oh, woe is me!

2. Make the ruffled felted bag in Pursenalities as a gift for my quilt club Secret Pal.. our final gifting of the year takes place in just about a month, at a lovely outdoor potluck at Beatyanne's (some of my faithful readers will remember her as the maker of tiny knitted sweaters). She has a wonderful mountain home at about 6000 feet elevation to the east of Downieville, and the colors are always turning by the time we have this delicious feasting party, which is the week after our annual show. Did I tell you about the show yet? The Mountain Star Quilters hosts an annual quilt show extravaganza, called "Fall Colors", the first full weekend in October, in the Community Hall in Downieville... there is still time to get reservations and enjoy a real fall vacation. Unlike most parts of California, this area experiences all four seasons - sometimes it feels like on the same day!

3. Make and felt a cell phone pouch for my dear niece, whose birthday was a month ago (don't worry, she did get an actual present ahead of the date). This will be a prototype for an item I am designing to put in our crafts co-op, and if I can get a few done, they will be available for seasonal sales this winter.

4. Looking at my list, I can't decide if it would be overly ambitious to add something for myself... I still want to get started on my own Clapotis, however my delightful alpaca yarn is in pastel shades of pinks and banana yellow, which doesn't sound very fall-like. Right now, I am drawn to the rich colors the fashion industry is featuring for fall... the aubergines, deep golds, teals, garnets and burgundy reds... and have been considering getting a green tweed coat for winter. I have been debating about getting this one from Chadwicks, or this really stylish model from J. Crew... I can't bring myself to spend what J. Crew is asking, and keep thinking that I could donate more money to the Red Cross, make more cloths, and even buy lots of yarn for the price difference. I also have a wonderful green scarf that I won in a contest Marguerite had last spring, just waiting to be worn all winter long with a green tweed coat. Somehow, my chosen Clappy yarn is telling me it might be an early spring wrap.

My office is cluttered with yarns waiting to be turned into shop projects, or hats for the family, so small knitting might be pushing a special personal item aside. There are yarns waiting to be baby booties and baby hats, different yarns waiting to become beanies for snowboarding and scarves to sell at the shop. There is even yarn in the freezer (I know that sounds wacky, but that is where I put thrift store finds that might have moth eggs or other buggy contamination, to chill for a few weeks and kill anything before mixing with any other yarns in the household) that might be good to swatch up with something from Jean Frost's Jackets in mind... I actually feel a little overwhelmed by the choices. Maybe I should just tackle 1, 2 and 3 on my list before worrying about 4!


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