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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The New Me?

OK, what's going on here! I have always been a social little thing, but somewhat resistant to fads and styles - not really a joiner. Yet, here I am this week, signing up for not one, but TWO different new group projects - Knitting Unto Others, and the Better Pal. Now, this is really not like me, especially since I learned to not overcommit several years ago when I went to grad school (it was a great excuse to ditch all kinds of committees and social events I really didn't want to be a part of).

I have to stand outside of myself and process what is going on here... and I feel pretty good about it. First, I have been doing a lot of charity knitting in the past year, and even got an article on it printed in the summer edition of Take Back the Knit, so when Margene announced earlier this week that she and Carole were setting up a two-week Knit Unto Others, I was IN.

It was a natural... after all, I was getting a little tired of all that cotton washcloth knitting, wanting wool as the weather steadily chills, and had just gotten an email from Lisa Miller (of Red Scarf Project fame) detailing the need for 87 hats and scarves for some of the Chinese foster children connected with the orphanage she has been assisting. Surely, I could come up with at least a few... even though I still have lots of cotton to knit up, plus a few personal items...

Then, I got an invite to join Better Pal... seemed reasonable, but was a longer commitment. I got to thinking about how much blogging about knitting and meeting other knitters through their blogs has deeply enriched my life in the past year. Gifting a complete stranger seems like a great way to offer something back in gratitude for that gift, which has sustained me through a period of transition this past year, and through working such long hours that finding a knitting group an hour away and actually attending is about as realistic as sprouting wings.

I may only get to interact in real time with other knitters a few times a year. Margene and I have started planning to attend the Taos Wool Festival next fall, and I would like to make it to another festival or two in the coming year, but who knows? My dear friends that are a part of my daily life aren't knitters, with only one or two exceptions. Actually, I should rephrase that: they aren't passionate about knitting, like so many of my fellow knitting bloggers are.

Now, that doesn't mean that they aren't perfectly good and dear friends, shoulders to cry on, grrlfriends to laugh with, but they just don't get that same thrill I get squeezing some luscious alpaca or cashmere... in fact, only my son Cody comes even close, and his yearnings usually have something to do with begging me to knit him yet another beanie (if you are reading this, Cody, don't get me wrong; I love to make hats for you, just have to fit in a thing or two else along the route). I can usually drag my son and daughter on an outing to a yarn shop in our travels, but often come out with a larger credit card bill, and a deficit on the project completion list as well... but, hey, at least they like what I make (if they get to pick the yarn and pattern).

My DH takes a more abstract approach, but also only ventures into yarn shops when forced, such as if we are traveling together away from home. He groans when I mention "Ben Franklin" on trips to town together (may be why I tend to do the shopping alone), and doesn't really understand blogs. He IS cute, though, and is patiently waiting for me to order the right yarn to start a pair of felted clogs for him. He doesn't add to the project list either, and dutifully admires my work. I think he likes it better when I am making quilts and hemming the curtains, though...

So, that leaves all of you... and many, many praises of gratitude for having a virtual network of knitting friends. It is such a bright spot! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and a special blessing to my as-yet-unknown SP. It should be a blast.


Anonymous Carole said...

Glad you're going to join us with Knit Unto Others and Better Pal, too!!

1:12 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

I found you through a blog crawl this morning and noticed you are a local, Hi! We have a spinning group (do you spin?) which meets on a Saturday, through the local guild (Foothill Fibers, we meet the 4 th Tuesday eve at the NC library). I'm Woven Thoughts: http://saralamb.blogspot.com. We are having a slide show of textiles from around the world this Tuesday, and a sale of Fair Traded textiles from Guatemala. Come by! Introduce yourself, I'll be there.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Norma said...

Ditto what Carole said. Welcome to both endeavors! You'll really enjoy BP.

9:25 AM  
Blogger margene said...

OMG! Sara Lamb invited you to join them? She is awesome and you'll be so inspired by her work. Little did I know when I started to blog how much this community would enrich my life. It is a very special place. Can't wait for us to meet face to face.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the Knit Unto Others KAL -- I checked it out and now I'm in! I truly appreciate you mentioning the need for hats and scarves for the children in Shanxi and Shunyi.

Now back to my needles . . .

9:32 PM  

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