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Monday, November 07, 2005

Product Review: Sunsette


Yarn name: Sunsette
Weight: Worsted
Size: 50 gram/88 yards
Fibers: 60% rayon, 40% acrylic
MSRP: $4.49 per ball

I discovered this yarn at the Reno Ben Franklin store, where there was far, far more than the usual Lion and Red Heart that this chain usually offers. The store was amazing, with cubbies of yarns separated by colors, featuring Debbie Bliss, Elsebeth Lavold, Rowan, Katia, Skacel, Plymouth, and loads of other brands generally only available at a dedicated yarn shop. I had dropped by looking for a violet cotton blend to use as the inner band for a wool hat... it has rained heavily several times here, the temperatures are dropping steadily, and snow is predicted tonight. I had also crossed over Yuba Pass the day before, viewing the first dusting of the season.. definitely time to pull out that Shetland wool I had been saving for a winter beanie.

Although the lighting doesn't do justice to the lovely shade of muted violet, it does capture the crinkly yet smooth texture of this springy, shiny, mostly rayon yarn. Posted by Picasa I had been looking for cotton with lycra, similar to the Schulana Supercotton I featured in a previous Product Review, but I have a great fondness for all things rayon, and find that rayon yarns have a warming property to them that cottons lack. I have already completed the inner (no-itch) band for the hat, and will post photos showing how this nifty technique (actually a turned hem) allows people like me, with skin too sensitive to wear wool around the forehead, can still benefit from a warm woolen topper for winter.

I really enjoyed the feel of this yarn as I knitted with it. It slides easily through the fingers, and has a gleam to it that would make an excellent tank top or cute little sweater for fancier wear. Sadly, Yarndex indicates that this yarn is being discontinued this fall, so keep your eyes out for it to appear at a great closeout price on Elann and other bargain vendor sites, and snatch up enough to make yourself a lush little sweater.

I am planning to feature the Shetland yarn, produced by a small, independent yarn company, in next Monday's Product Review, and also wanted to show you a real, finished object today:

My finished Jewels scarf, against the back of my winter jacket. Posted by Picasa


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Oh just LOVE "Jewels" - what a pretty accent to your winter jacket!

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