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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Late Night Update

I have several small items to report:

First, I started my new, part-time job at the Western Sierra Medical Clinic yesterday afternoon, attending the monthly Board meeting as my intro, and promptly being assigned the duties of minute-taking and reporting to the Board. That will be a very small part of my work, and I mailed off my first grant for the clinic this afternoon (actually, a re-application on an existing grant, so not as impressive as it sounds). I felt a little like I was swimming upstream so far, trying to cast about and find the pieces I need to understand each of the several grant reports I need to prepare before the end of the month, but I work with such nice people, and can keep my office door open to the sound of the North Yuba river flowing in the back yard... I know I will enjoy the work, and have always felt that it was important to do a good job of doing good...

I also completed all the tasks on my end-of-year checksheet for my teaching job, and can put aside thinking about school for ten weeks. Not my students, though, as I will see several on the streets of town each day, and ended up sharing my lunch hour with two girls at the park by the river confluence this noon. Others asked about the summer outdoor program when we met on the street... I will be going on the first kayak outing next Tuesday, but most outings will be in July and August.

In response to a few questions about our sock-cranking party, I particularly liked Lynette's comment that thinking of us working on the patio of a beauty salon reminded her of the movie, Steel Magnolias... my compatriots are not bloggers and couldn't understand why I wanted to take photos.. they all begged off with excuses about hating photos of themselves.

I once again tackled the endless bag tonight, and have just a few minor steps to be ready to take it with me to a laundro to felt. Our washer in the wash house up and quit on us late last week, and I had to sacrifice the washer I had on my back porch to be used strictly for felting to the tenants to keep "harmony in camp". (This was a frequent saying of the elderly lady who owned many of the buildings in Forest City when I first moved there 19 years ago, and certainly true when people live in close proximity and must share facilities, as our three tenant households do the laundry facilities here at Slate Range Camp, the name of our tiny mobile home park.)

This is the house we live in, with three of the burros in back.. the wash house is to the right, just out of the photo. Posted by Hello

Sadly, I do not know if I will be able to return that machine to service solely for felting, and we do not have hot water plumbed to the wash house, so my plan is to take several items, including the bag, with me to Downieville on Thursday, where I will stay after work to join in Ladies' Night at the local bar, while felting my items at the laundro there...probably I should get the felting done before having a beer or two, so that the results are more dependable. I am also wondering how to reset a laundro machine back to begin the wash cycle and how many quarters this project is going to take...


Anonymous Colette Wilson said...

Your comment, "have always felt that it was important to do a good job of doing good..." really hit home for me. This is something I feel very strongly and have tried to instill in my children.

The p-t job sounds like it will be very satisfying for you.

I've never tried to reset a laundromat washer...I'm not at all sure it can be done. I do wish you luck in your felting endeavors..wish I could join you for "ladies night"

7:58 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Thank you for posting the picture of your home. It has such character!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

Whew. I'm relieved that the Steel Magnolias comment didn't offend you. Some people don't like Southerners.

Ditto Colette's comment about "have always felt that it was important to do a good job of doing good..." You are quite inspiring, did you know that?

Hey, we are reading through Yuba Trails. Hope to go on a hike this weekend but this weather has been anything but predictable lately.

9:35 PM  
Blogger KnitNana said...

Why I ahm ahghast...simply ahghast. Some people don't like Suthenners??? Lynette, please! Southern thru and thru I am, tho' my folks were from Vermont! And I would be honored to be blest with the Steel Magnolia's title - my favorite movie of all time, it is!

Birgsong - I have no idea about laundromat washers being put back, but suspect that it won't go...does felting make a mess in the washer? The owners won't like that a bit!

7:52 AM  

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